Secure Storage Systems for Clouds

PI: Kanad Ghose

The proliferation of Internet as a service (IaaS) permits the use of both computing and storage resources on the cloud for individual use as well as use by an enterprise. However, services and facilities offered by the Cloud can be compromised, thereby discouraging users from storing private or sensitive data on the cloud. The goal of this project is to implement a secure file system the cloud that obfuscates the data granularity, the structure and the contents of the individual files and, at the same time, guarantee resiliency from the failure of storage devices/facilities in the cloud. The obfuscation of data granularity and file system organization offers an added level of security that is beyond the realm of traditional encryption, making the system resilient to brute force attacks. The proposed file system actually runs as an application and implements the semantics of a traditional file system, keeping the user interface simple and implementing all of the security and resiliency functions transparently.