Overview of Cybersecurity Research at Binghamton

The following is a listing of some security research projects in the CS department @ Binghamton.

  1. Developing A Non-Intrusive 3D dynamic Multi-View Based Stress/Anxiety Indicator
    PIs: Lijun Yin and Peter Gerhardstein
  2. Security and privacy of cloud computing infrastructure
    PIs: Ping Yang and Kartik Gopalan
  3. Malware Classification and Anomaly Detection
    PI: Guanhua Yan
  4. Mobile location privacy
    PI: Yifan Zhang
  5. Computational Prediction for Timing of Terrorist Attacks
    PIs: Weiyi Meng , David Liu , Lei Yu , Seden Akcinaroglu , Elizabeth Radziszewski
  6. Web Information Truthfulness Verification
    PI: Weiyi Meng
  7. Architectural Support for Security and Trusted Computing in MultiCore Processors
    PI: Dmitry Ponomarev
  8. Building Trustworthy Systems: Run Time Validation of Program Executions
    PI: Kanad Ghose
  9. Secure Storage Systems for Clouds
    PI: Kanad Ghose
  10. Detecting Clusters in Dynamic System in the Presence of High Noise Levels: Applications to Security
    PI: Kanad Ghose
  11. Improving Botnet Detection and Timing using Two-Level Support Vector Machines
    PI: Kanad Ghose
  12. Security in Wireless Networks and Cyber Physical Systems
    PI: Kyoung-Don Kang
  13. Research on Machine Learning/Data Analytics/Internet of Things by Mark Zhang
    PI:Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang