Overview of Cybersecurity Research at Binghamton

The following is a listing of current research projects by cybersecurity researchers at Binghamton. To explore collaboration opportunities, please contact Binghamton's I3P representatives, Kartik Gopalan and Scott Craver.

An overview of cybersecurity research at Binghamton is available at this link.

  1. Developing A Non-Intrusive 3D dynamic Multi-View Based Stress/Anxiety Indicator
    PIs: Lijun Yin and Peter Gerhardstein
  2. Security and privacy of cloud computing infrastructure
    PIs: Ping Yang and Kartik Gopalan
  3. Computational Prediction for Timing of Terrorist Attacks
    PIs: Weiyi Meng , David Liu , Lei Yu , Seden Akcinaroglu , Elizabeth Radziszewski
  4. Web Information Truthfulness Verification
    PI: Weiyi Meng
  5. Architectural Support for Security and Trusted Computing in MultiCore Processors
    PIs: Nael Abu-Ghazaleh and Dmitry Ponomarev
  6. Building Trustworthy Systems: Run Time Validation of Program Executions
    PI: Kanad Ghose
  7. Secure Storage Systems for Clouds
    PI: Kanad Ghose
  8. Detecting Clusters in Dynamic System in the Presence of High Noise Levels: Applications to Security
    PI: Kanad Ghose
  9. Smart Microgrid Cyber Security
    PI: Ting Zhu
  10. Security in Wireless Networks and Cyber Physical Systems
    PI: Kyoung-Don Kang
  11. Discovering hidden/implicit communities or behavior from large-scale data
    PI: Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang
  12. An Undetectable Steganographic Operating System
    PI: Scott Craver
  13. The Future of On-Chip Network Security
    PI: Aaron Carpenter
  14. A Fair Non-Repudiation Framework for Data Integrity in Cloud Storage Services
    PIs: Yu Chen
  15. Resident Monitoring System for the Detection of Targeted Attacks
    PI: Victor Skormin
  16. SCADA Security System
    PI: Victor Skormin